AMF Introduction

ADEZUNGWEN MEMORIAL FOUNDATION (AMF) CAC/IT/NO 94476, is a faith based non-governmental organization. We are named in memory of a Christian sister who was completely selfless in life and devoted herself to helping and caring for the needy.

Vision and Mission Statement


To see the less previledge attain their full potentials and fulfillments spiritually socially and mentally


We provide access to qualitative education, spiritual and health care; and human capacity development programs for vunerable members of the community who would otherwise not access them

Aims and Objectives

  1. To be a community based non-profit organization that improves the lives of less privileged members of the community through provision of qualitative Christian education
  2. To build and operate schools for the purpose of providing qualitative preschool, primary, secondary and tertiary level education to the poor and vulnerable members of the community
  3. To form partnerships and alliances with other organizations in order to achieve the objective of access to qualitative education, health care and human capacity development for the poor and vulnerable community members
  4. To provide qualitative teacher and other staff development opportunities to members of the community who will serve as staff to our schools and institutions
  5. To provide qualitative and timely access to health care and sanitation services for poor and vulnerable members of the community who would otherwise not have such access, including especially:
  1. Malaria prevention and control
  2. HIV/AIDS awareness, prevention, testing and counselling
  3. Cancer awareness, prevention, testing, therapy and counselling
  4. Drug abuse prevention and therapy
  5. Adolescent Health Care including issues of Teenage pregnancy
  6. Psycho-therapy
  7. Controlling maternal and neonatal deaths
  8. Provision of water and sanitation services
  1. To provide human capacity development opportunities to promising youth and women who have few opportunities in life
  2. To facilitate entrepreneurial development and formation of value chains so that youth and other unemployed and under employed members of the community can be gainfully employed
  3. To contribute towards community peace, harmony and development by facilitating joint community development projects
  4. To facilitate basic community infrastructural projects that will have direct benefit and bearing on access to education, health care, human and economic capacity development

Meet the President/CEO

Rev’d. Isaac Koko is an ordained minister of the Word, with the Universal Reformed Christian Church (aka NKST). The denomination’s headquarters is at Mkar, Benue State, Nigeria. Isaac is presently serving as the senior Pastor of NKST Anglo-Jos, Jos Plateau State Nigeria. Isaac Koko is married to Laura Koko and are blessed with three lovely children. Isaac has a great passion for God. He daily wishes to have a stronger desire to serve God, obey God, and tell others about God. He believes that to love the Lord our God is the heart of a disciple's mission, ministry, and purpose. Isaac loved to be identified in these ways:

  • Love for God, Jesus, and our fellow humans
  • Obedience to the truth of Scripture
  • Unity with God, Jesus, and our brothers in Christ
  • The existence of AMF is prompt out of the above three ways.

Rev Isaac A Koko

Rev'd Isaac A Koko